Back to my roots...

The time sure does fly! Can you believe I started my Etsy journey 15 years ago in 2008?! I was an undergraduate at the University of Cincinnati when I was introduced to the wonderful world of Etsy by a classmate. I'll tell you - one look and I was hooked! It was a craft and art-loving gal's dream! Quickly I became a shopper -- from handmade jewelry to home goods to makeup, Etsy is my go-to place for a little self-care via retail therapy and for gifts. As someone who was described as "creative" from a very young age and has always harbored a love of the arts, I knew I had to give my own shop a go!

I started with my shop Lailee, which was named after my first pup, Laila. I created vintage-inspired jewelry and although I loved the glass crystals and aged brass, I have always been drawn to sterling silver personally (probably on account of my pale and rosy, cool tone skin--lol!). Sterling silver has always been my go-to and I couldn't wait to try my hand. I opened a secondary shop (the original Silver Fawn Studio) and also Jewish Girl, where I could get creative with my Jewish heritage by offering Hebrew pieces. I then realized that all of my 'loves' could come together under one shop, Sarah Briedis Handcrafted which I opened in 2011.

Today, as you may have noticed, I've gone back to my roots, taking back and moving forward with Silver Fawn Studio in 2023! The silver fawn was a longtime component of the Sarah Briedis Handcrafted era. It has never left me, as my last name (Briedis) means "stag" in Latvia, where my father immigrated from! I am so happy to continue to use the fawn in my logo and to highlight not only my heritage but my true metal love - sterling silver!

Although my offerings have shifted over time, I have always valued the input of my clients and many of my designs have been influenced by client requests and ideas. I love creating new pieces and doing custom work. I focus on offering meaningful, keepsake quality designs through which flows themes of family, love, faith and kindness. My dream is to continue doing what I love for years to come! I hope to be a staple on Etsy and to continue to evolve, one day offering a wider assortment of bracelets, earrings and rings (my favorite!).

Please contact me with any custom requests or ideas! And thank you for supporting the work of small artisans like myself; without you we wouldn't be able to continue to share our work with the world.


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